Using Digital Technology in Selling Your Home

Colorado remains sizzling this year despite the sudden global onslaught of COVID-19, with sellers still dominating the real estate market. As the local real estate industry now banks on the World Wide Web for transactions, it gives you more reason to ride the digital wave in selling your Boulder home, too.

The Current Situation

There’s apparently no stopping the real estate market of the Centennial State from surging ahead, even with the uncertainties brought about by the global pandemic. The number of homes for sale in Boulder, CO and in the rest of the state was lower by 36% compared to last year, according to the June 2020 report of However, real estate experts in the area observed how easily the local market rebounded beginning May after the slump in spring that was brought about by the statewide lockdown measures to mitigate the spread of COVID-19. Buyers are back to have a parcel of Colorado real estate to call their own but the current inventory remains low.

Selling Virtually

Now is a great time to return to the Colorado real estate market, but with cautious optimism. The caution here is more toward putting up safety protocols to ensure that no one is exposed to any harmful viruses throughout the home selling transaction. Thankfully, digital technology is around to provide you with the marketing tools that will not only keep you and everyone else involved in the transaction safe but will also guarantee you a great deal at closing time.

Here’s how you can maximize digital technology in your home-selling endeavor:

  • Revert to home virtual tours. Even while Colorado is easing down on restrictions and resuming normal business operations, the COVID-19 menace is still very much around. Thus, it is still best for everyone’s protection to show potential buyers around via virtual tours of your home.

  • Online listings are still king. This is one segment of any home buying or selling transaction that hasn’t changed. It is also among the most powerful online marketing tools that people in the real estate industry have utilized even at the height of the lockdowns. Because of this, staging your home still remains relevant so as to provide that edge you need to attract more buyers to your listing.

  • Take advantage of social media’s reach. People these days may have limited physical mobility but can move around freely and connect in cyberspace. Social media is one platform that connects people from across the globe, so learn to maximize its use by coming up with great photos of your home, compelling written content, and perhaps some drone footage or a walkthrough video – and uploading these in your feed.

  • Learn to negotiate via online video apps. With the help of an online-savvy agent, you can take the negotiation process online, reach an agreement, and seal the deal electronically. There are a number of video apps to choose from for this, the more popular of which are Zoom and Google Meet.

  • Find an agent who can manipulate digital technology as a real estate tool. This Realtor in Boulder, CO should know how to effectively use the tech to get your home sold in the shortest possible time and for a profitable deal.

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