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~Alison S.

I am grateful for the kismet that brought Kamron into my life for 3 purchases and 2 sales – both of which were big deals on a personal front. As a first time home buyer, Kam walked us through the process with grace and ease in her no-sweat style. When it came time to sell, she walked us through that process with the same flow and made the negotiations as pain free as could be. House hunting with Kam is amazingly fun. She’ll book a day with you – or an hour – and take you to the latest finds that fit your desired specs. She’s an incredible presence to have on a walk through, and her keen set of eyes and sensibilities about structure are an asset. She’s not afraid to look under the hood, ask the pertinent questions and come back with the information that matters most in decision making. It helps so much to have a realtor you can trust and recommend so whole heartedly. am has become a wonderful touchstone in my network who I can call up at anytime with any questions I have regarding my current purchase and she always can direct me to what I’m looking for. I recommend Kam to everyone because working with her is such a joy.